Who We Are

Who We Are

LUCASO is India’s fastest growing brand which has a rich portfolio of Solar, Power, Battery and LED Products.
We use state of the art technology in our design and manufacturing of goods.
LUCASO Inverters/UPS/PCU are built with the most advanced MSP based technology and provides Pure Sine Wave output. Our systems come with large LCD display and also uses Copper Transformer for better reliability. We offer a wide range of models, catering all our customer needs from Home Application to Commercial Applications.

Our LED Lights are also built using state of the art technology.
We offer the best Power Factor (P.F.) and Efficiency in our lights and thus we ensure that our lights are best suited for your needs.
Apart from LUCASO’S dominating position in the domestic market, LUCASO also has a strong foothold world-wide. We believe in returning to society what we earn, evokes trust among our consumers, employees, share holders and community.

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What we want to achieve/accomplish

People/Place: To be India’s best place to work and inspire people to live their dreams.
Profit: Maximize returns but be reasonable at the same time.
CSR/Planet: Be always sensitive towards the larger responsibility that we have towards our society and planet as a whole.
Partners: To create a winning formula for all our clients/customers/stake holders and always strive to create sustainable business environment.