VRLA Sealed Maintenance Free (VRLA SMF)

VRLA stands for valve regulated lead-acid and is the designation for Sealed Maintenance Free lead-acid batteries, also called recombinant batteries.
VRLA batteries minimize the water loss. The gas generation is minimized and the gases recombine to form water and hence the water loss is reduced. The oxygen gas generated at the positive plate is transported to the negative plate and there is a recombination of oxygen and hydrogen to form water. The recombination process is accomplished by using an immobilized electrolyte which facilitates the transport of oxygen and thus these batteries operate on the Oxygen Recombination principle.

  • Design life of 5 to 10 years at 27 degree, depending on the model
  • Excellent cyclic performance and recovery after over discharging
  • Superior Lead Calcium Alloy grid with high density active materials
  • High purity material ensuring low self discharge
  • Leak proof and maintenance free
  • High impact ABS casing
  • Un-interrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Communications and electric equipment
  • Emergency lighting equipment
  • Fire Alarm and security systems
  • Various telemeter equipment
  • Office computers, micro computers, office automation equipment
  • Robots, control equipment, and other factory automation equipment
  • Emergency power supply in power generation plants and substations
  • Solar cell power generation
  • Street lighting
  • Water pumping system
  • Portable power supply
  • Small town power system
Technical Specifications
VRLA 12V 100AH VRLA 12V 120AH VRLA 12V 150AH VRLA 12V 180AH VRLA 12V 200AH VRLA 12V 250AH